Mount Victoria Internship

Internships at Lutanda Mt Victoria

“The purpose of an internship at Lutanda is to provide a young person with the personal and practical skills to work in the Outdoor Recreation Environment. The aim is also to provide discipleship within the Christian Camping context to grow and develop young people spiritually.”

Lutanda Mt Victoria

Lutanda Mt Victoria is located on the western side of the NSW Blue Mountains. Lutanda is a Christian Camping and Outdoor Education ministry working with youth connected with Christian Community Churches of Australia. We minister to youth in schools, churches, with intellectual disabilities and those in the out of home care system to improve their lives in difficult situations and help them see the relevance of Jesus in their lives today. We serve churches and community groups by providing a great place for a retreat to strengthen your faith in Jesus. Throughout the history of the site Mt Victoria has run several intern programs. Now we are very excited to bring internships back once again in 2019. Check out more about us at

Why do an Internship?

An internship is a great opportunity to serve in ministry while being trained and discipled. Having the opportunity to be a-part of an established mission field will equip you for future endeavours while providing you with a practical skill set through the broad training offered. Internships at Lutanda offer opportunities to receive mentoring in outdoor recreation and spiritual life, develop personally and spiritually and be involved with a range of ministry pursuit.

What is involved in this internship?

As an intern at Lutanda Mt Victoria you will have the opportunity 3 days a week to work with youth and adults and train to be an outdoor recreation professional. You will be given the chance to work at several unique Lutanda sites while having a focus at Mt Victoria. This is a huge benefit as you will get a wide experience of how Christian camping and adventure activities operate at different sites and contexts. Lutanda offers a live-in internship, where all meals and accommodation will be available to you all year.

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