Information that we think you will find helpful!

Registrations & Payments

How do I register for a camp?

To register for a camp, click “Camper Application” on the camp page. You need be required to create a login for each child registering if one does not exist already.

How long does it take to process an application?

Generally it can take up to two weeks for an approval on an application to a holiday camp, and this varies with the Directors of the camp. If you have registered but have not heard from our team after two weeks please call us on 4355 3500.

I've accidentally filled in for the wrong camp, what do I do?

We understand that sometimes you click on the wrong application and don’t realise until after you have submitted your application. Please call us on 02 4355 3500 if this occurs.

Payments for camp applications

Depending on the type of application for camp you will generally have to wait until your application has been processed, and the child/children have been accepted to camp before making a payment. Our Holiday Camps Team will be in touch with you during this process to organise an invoice and collect your payment.

Cancellations and refunds

Generally we need a minimum of two weeks notice to cancel a camp application. Conditions to any requests closer to camp will need to be discussed with our Holiday Camps Team on 4355 3500, and all cancellations will need to be supplied to Lutanda in writing (email or written letter faxed to our office). If your cancellation is due to a medical or family reason, we will require the appropriate paperwork (ie. doctors certificate, court order etc) to be supplied to us.

Before camp

What does my child need to bring to camp?

Camping with Lutanda packs in a whole lot of exciting and often messy activities! For your child as a general guide we can offer you our ‘What to Bring’ document that illustrates what you should and should not send your child to camp with. If you have a child with medical needs it will be covered in the next section.

Packing medicine for my child

We understand that children may have the need for medication whilst enjoying their camp experience. Your application form will cover the needs of your child in that regard, but please make sure that you have appropriately packaged and labelled (blister packs) the medicine which will be handed to the Camp Nurse on arrival.

Money whilst at camp

Your child should not have the need to spend anything extra whilst on camp. We do have drink and snack machines available at our centres if you think that they may wish to indulge whilst at camp.

Our Yarramundi centre runs a canteen for the July @ Yarramundi camp.

Their money will be held safely with the Camp Directors and allocated as needed during their stay.

Technology at camp

Let’s be honest, isn’t camp a time for experiences other than screens? Encourage your child/children to leave the tech at home – they really won’t be able to use it anyway as the Directors put them away for safe keeping. If you need to contact your child/children then you can do this through the Camp Directors.

Get them revved up for a week of fun and excitement without the screens!

Transport to and from camp

Transportation to and from a Lutanda Camp is the responsibility of the applicant. Please consider the camp location before applying for camp.

During camp

Will I be able to be in contact with my child/children during camp?

We understand that sending your child away to camp is a big step, and yes you can get in touch with them if you really need to. We do ask that you keep in mind that the care for your child at camp is the most important factor for us, so we encourage you to not call unless it’s an emergency and let them enjoy their camp experience. They’ll tell you all about it when they’re done!

All contact with campers at a Lutanda Camp is obtained with permission from the Camp Directors.

What will my child/children be doing whilst on camp?

Lutanda camps are full of excitement and adventure. We will be engaging them in different activities, helping them to interact and make friendships, teaching them about Jesus and the Gospel and so much more! Fun, food, friendships and fellowship are the key aspects of a great Lutanda Camp!

Who are the people taking care of our child/children?

Camp leaders can be anyone with a heart to serve. Our leaders come from all over NSW to give their time and ensure that the children that attend camp have a great time whilst away from home.

All staff and leaders at Lutanda have the relevant Working for Children certifications and child protection training. The care for your child/children is our main priority. You can rest assured that they are in appropriate care whilst away from home.