Camp David - Blue Mountains

A camp for adults with developmental disabilities.

Camp David – Blue Mountains

Who is the camp for?

A camp for adults with developmental disabilities.

Location of the camp:

Mount Victoria – 3 Eltham Park Ave, Mount Victoria NSW 2786

More information:

Reuben on 0426797382

A team of dedicated and experienced volunteer helpers, led by Reuben Torrance from Hands & Feet take responsibility for looking after campers.

Campers need to be able to bathe, dress and feed themselves with only limited assistance from helpers (we are unable to cater for severe disabilities).

Camp David provides an engaging activity program for campers to ensure they have an enjoyable experience, giving parents/carers the opportunity for a week of respite.

*Cost of camp for those using NDIS funding. For those without NDIS funding please contact Reuben Phone: 0426 797 382 Email:
NDIS payment available for this camp
For financial assistance or Non NDIS payments, please contact Reuben on 0426 797 382

Camp registrations are currently closed.