Stage 2 - Active adventure

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Create fun and meaningful team building opportunities in the outdoors

Fun in a learning environment is crucial to experiential learning. When students are motivated and engaged they will learn more.

In addition, the unique camp environment and outdoor activities at our centre present opportunities for students to develop a sense of their own worth, respect for others, and a sense of community.

Stage 2 - Active adventure


Our 3 day program allows students to explore the following educational outcomes:

  • Developing skills in communication, decision making, interaction, moving and problem solving
  • Recognising the rights, values and feelings of others and devising strategies to solve problems, recognise and accept differences and manage conflict
  • Recognising individual strengths and limitations while committing to full potential
  • Exploring a range of movements in various physical activities
  • Learning how to use a compass and map

Students participate in a number of adventurous activities that will challenge them as individuals and as a group, supported by Activity Instructors. They will be encouraged to actively support each other and recognise achievements in a fun and safe environment.


This program is at our Toukley centre.