Stage 2 – Introduction to camping

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First school camp experience for those who are a bit older

Camping for the first time, can sometimes be a daunting experience. We at Lutanda understand this and have done our best to shape a camping experience that will help show students what it is to be on school camp for the first time. The program offers early aged primary students the opportunity to come and enjoy a modern camp program for a time frame of 3 days, 2 nights. This will encourage a new sense of boldness and taking responsibility of oneself at small level.

Students will be introduced to an onsite experience that is strongly focused on new beginnings, like overnight cabin accommodation and small group activities. The activities lean towards more of an adventurous nature e.g. flying fox and abseiling. While other activities steer towards peer relationship building and unified problem solving e.g. initiatives and orienteering. Students can come away for a short time, feeling that they have broken new ground as individuals, and also as peers; without the overshadowing experiences like home sickness etc.

Stage 2 – Introduction to camping


Over a 3 day (two night stay) program students will experience a range of new opportunities.

  • Sharing accommodation with their classmates
  • Engaging in activities as a group, and being able to help and encourage each other in whatever the task or challenge may be
  • Dining together
  • Possibly being away from parents for the first time
  • Building new relationships, whether that is with peers, teachers or camp staff
  • Being together outside the everyday classroom
  • Encourages students to engage in new experiences in a safe environment


This program is at our Yarramundi centre.