Stage 4 – Early High School adventure camp

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Peer adventure camp

This program offers a range of activities both on and offsite. Here at Lutanda Yarramundi we find our location to be close in proximity to many attractions that can be visited either whilst on camp or on your way back from camp. We have found that school groups can easily use our site as a base to experience many different activities – all of which have an adventurous nature. Whether you think you’d like to brave the rushing water currents in a rubber raft, jump off a flying fox, or burn around corners as you race your peers and teachers on the go kart track. Lutanda Yarramundi, can help you get that dose of adrenalin you’ve been craving.

We can also facilitate more of a relaxing getaway for your group, by doing alternative activities like paddling in the Nepean river, riding horseback in the Grose valley or balancing in the trees on a high rope course. Lutanda Yarramundi, allows for an experience of the rural lifestyle, but isn’t too far from the big smoke. It most certainly does not miss out on some adventurous opportunities that are geographically tangible while you’re staying with us, or you can make it apart of your trip back to school.

Stage 4 – Early High School adventure camp


The program will include a range of on and offsite activities to keep the group moving throughout the days they are on camp. This allows for an outcome of:

  • Strengthening peer relationships
  • Building comradery as they are involved in each activity together
  • Student bonding
  • Fun outside the classroom

Below is a list of offsite attractions that are within driving distance of Lutanda Yarramundi anywhere from 10 – 40 mins:

  • Tree Tops adventure – Yarramundi
  • Grose Vale Horse riding – Grose Vale
  • Indy 800 Go Karts – Butterfly Farm, Wilberforce
  • White Water Rafting – Regatta Centre, Penrith
  • iFly Indoor Skydiving – Penrith
  • Ice Skating – Ice Palace, Penrith
  • Wet n Wild Waterpark – Prospect

Lutanda can help you with any arrangements needed in order to book or get transport to and from these attractions.


This program is at our Yarramundi centre.