Stage 4 – Team building – Peer support

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Create fun and meaningful team building opportunities

Fun in a learning environment is crucial to experiential learning. When students are motivated and engaged they will learn more.

In addition, our team building and peer support program specifically draws on team building activities to challenge the children and then to reflect on how they worked in a team and consider how to alter their behaviour.

Whether it’s working in teams to build a raft or paddle a canoe or challenging themselves on the flying fox, students come away from our camps with positive experiences and a greater sense of themselves and consideration of others. Our activities are highly engaging and they naturally encourage students to build resilience through collaborating, negotiating and reflecting on difficult challenges to build courage and strength.

Stage 4 – Team building – Peer support


Over a 3 day program students will explore the following educational outcomes:

  • Challenging, considering and evaluating different environments and situations, which call for decision-making and team awareness
  • Calculating risk, as well as considering and evaluating the different variables
  • Encouraging leadership through initiatives and team building activities
  • Creating a sense of achievement through active involvement

Students are provided with the opportunity to develop leadership skills and the ability to work in teams. We focus on developing the skills, understanding and attitudes necessary for safe participation in outdoor recreation. The adventurous and the not-so-adventurous alike to work together, building trust in each other in an atmosphere that is fun and challenging.


This program is at our Toukley centre.