Stage 5 – Ocean awareness – surf camp

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Learn to enjoy the surf safely

Students from all over NSW need to learn how to enjoy the surf safely.

Country students enjoy the interaction with the surf and learn its fun and risks. Students from the city learn specific skills dealing with rips and learning surf-board riding.

Stage 5 – Ocean awareness – surf camp


Over a 3 day program students will explore the following educational outcomes:

  • Encouraging leadership and self-actualisation through initiatives and team building exercises
  • Affirming a holistic and healthy lifestyle, in an outdoor and adventure-filled environment
  • Calculating and considering risk, as well as evaluating different variables
  • Creating a sense of achievement and affirmation through active involvement

Ocean Skills Activities including learn to surf lessons, stand up paddle boarding, beach games, snorkelling and our stunning light house walk. This camp has a coastal theme which involves students participating in a variety of activities specific to the Toukley – Norah Head area.


This program is at our Toukley centre.